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Clare Crawshay-Williams


Weatherbys Bank (3 years)
Head of Marketing for the financial services division of the family owned Weatherbys Group founded in 1770.

Virgin Management (6 years)
Marketing Director of three new Virgin branded start ups: Virgin Pulse, Virgin Health Bank and Virgin Care.

SRU Consultants (8 years)
Account Director at the market research based consultancy founded by Peter York and Dennis Stevenson.

Clare has over 30 years experience of working both client side as a marketing director and as a consultant.  Over the years she has acquired a wide range of expertise that spans branding, marketing, communication, market research and proposition development.

Before joining Dean & Donaldson she spent three years as Marketing Director at Weatherbys Bank working closely with the management team, board and CEO to develop a clear vision of the future, change perceptions of the business and create much greater awareness of the brand.