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Our expertise,
experience and
collaborative approach ensures we deliver.

There are many consultants out there but D&D is different.

We’re different because we’ve worked inside businesses and because we’ve all got a long track record of success at a senior level.

We’re different because we are fluid thinkers and work as a team to provide all the skills key to developing a successful marketing strategy.

And we’re different because we know how to listen and respect work already going on inside an organisation.

We’ve captured the essence of what is most relevant, appealing and differentiating about the way we do things at Dean & Donaldson in our brand values listed further down this page.

“Clare’s work to define the brand values and then solicit feedback from staff through a new brand ambassador programme permanently changed the culture and the way the business is run for the better.”

Client Testimonial

Extensive experience

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes and between us we’ve faced most of your challenges and found solutions.

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience.  Take the experience first: the cash will come later.” 

Harold S Geneen

Everyone at Dean & Donaldson has decades of experience of working at leadership level within a client organisation and/or as consultants.

We are a team of people with a long track record of success and the right mix of skills, knowledge, experience and energy to act as catalysts to make things happen.

Experience means you can make progress faster with less risk.  We know when to cut to the chase and when to pause for thought and take our time.

Working alongside your team, we can be trusted to use that knowledge and experience to achieve a successful outcome.

Collaborative approach

We don’t do it to you, we do it with you; listening to you, working closely with you, sharing our experience and providing a trusted sounding board.

“Two heads are definitely better than one and by sourcing ideas from each other, you have a better chance of coming up with a strategy that will allow your business to overcome a setback or a challenge.”

Richard Branson

Whatever the scope and scale of the work, getting to know, listening to and building a relationship with each member of the leadership team at the outset is core to finding the right solutions.

We also help to instil this approach across the organisation by inviting your staff to contribute their thinking, giving them confidence that they will be heard and putting mechanisms in place to keep the lines of communication permanently open.

We also collaborate closely with each other using our mix of brand strategy, marketing, market research and people expertise that is fundamental to creating a marketing capability that delivers growth.

Combination of expertise

The CEO of a fast growing business wanted to articulate a long term vision that would motivate and unite the rapidly increasing number of people working for the organisation.

“If you’re going to help a client develop their marketing capability, you need all the key competencies under your own roof.”

Mark O’Connell, People Director, Dean & Donaldson

As well as extensive experience, between us we combine all the core skills required to help our clients create and execute a strategy for growth.

Between us we have previously worked as: Marketing Directors, HR Directors, Brand Strategists and Market Research Consultants.

Ongoing support

We ensure that you are equipped with the right resource and on going support to execute your marketing and communications strategy successfully.

“The key to success in any organisation is identifying, developing and empowering the right people.”

Craig Groeschel

If you lack the right internal resource, we can help you define and recruit the team you need.

We can also act as mentors to more junior staff and continue to act as a sounding board for the leadership team.

If you don’t have suitable suppliers to help you execute your marketing and communications strategy then we can make recommendations based on our roster of rigorously vetted third party individuals and agencies. 

Our Brand Values

Eyes and ears

We look; we listen; we discuss; we observe: taking a 360° view to see the world through your eyes.

Down to earth 

Like you we live in the real world, and we know how to make things happen. We’re pragmatic and applied, relevant and actionable.

Can do

We always see possibilities and opportunities. We always go the extra mile if that’s what’s required, to support you on your journey. 

Wise counsel 

We’ll help you blend our extensive experience with your own, to inform your decision making, enabling you to chart your forward path with confidence.

Do the right thing 

We will be your critical friend, speaking frankly and openly. We are candid but are always constructive in our approach.