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We have thoroughly enjoyed working with our client, law firm Archer, Evrard & Sigurdsson, to help them define and articulate their vision statement, and ten year manifesto.

The firm was established in 2021 by three friends who are now the founding partners: David Archer, Marie Evrard and Maisie Sigurdsson. Their core proposition – achieving their clients’ objectives more quickly and economically than other firms by taking a highly pragmatic and determined approach – means they are growing fast and developing a loyal client base.

However, they had recognized that this was a good point at which to pause, reflect and create a shared view of the future.

Why? Well as Rita Clifton, CEO of Interbrand, famously put it “If you don’t design your future, you have to accept the one that turns up”.

A well-articulated vision creates the basis for a long-term strategy for where the company is going, and it aligns everyone around the company’s direction.

Please feel free to ask for a reference from David Archer who is happy to confirm that his colleagues and he have been delighted with our help – find them here –