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Listening (really listening!) to your stakeholders, external and internal, is one of the most important cornerstones of any marketing or communications plan. When it comes to external stakeholders, it isn’t just knowing who they are, it’s getting to know their view of the world, and most importantly how they view you and your colleagues and what you all do.

Investing time in getting to know your stakeholders, whether customers, competitors, regulators, the media or even politicians, will always yield results. Talking, listening and putting yourself in their shoes will not just help build strong relationships, it will bring much greater knowledge and understanding of the opportunities, challenges and even threats that exist around you ahead. It will enhance your reputation, and it can open doors you never realised were there.

At Dean & Donaldson we understand the fundamental importance of and listening to and building an understanding of our clients’ stakeholders. In our experience, it’s one of most valuable building blocks of sustainable success. With our skills and experience we help people and organisations tackle this seemingly daunting but hugely rewarding and often enjoyable challenge. It’s an investment you won’t regret.