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Brand Consistency

There was a time when the concept of consistency was limited to a brand’s visual identity. Those of us who have been in the industry for a while may even remember the dreaded ‘brand police’ arriving with grids to check creative work, to stamp out any deviations in terms of logos, image style and placement, […]

Archer, Evrard & Sigurdsson

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with our client, law firm Archer, Evrard & Sigurdsson, to help them define and articulate their vision statement, and ten year manifesto. The firm was established in 2021 by three friends who are now the founding partners: David Archer, Marie Evrard and Maisie Sigurdsson. Their core proposition – achieving their […]

John Lewis’s turnaround plan will take two years longer than planned

Recent reports that John Lewis’s turnaround plan will take two years longer than planned draws into sharp relief what can happen when you aren’t guided strongly enough by your brand, which is, in our view at D&D, partly what led to Sharon White stepping down as Chair. She removed the “Never Knowingly Undersold” price promise but […]

Employee welfare is as important as customers

Everyone wants to work for an organisation that is well regarded by our families and friends, and to feel proud of the organisation we are part of. In recent media coverage, The Consumer Council for Water reported that Thames Water and Southern Water were the two most complained about water companies, this amidst a torrent […]

Employee engagement – a business imperative

At D&D, we think working from the inside out when it comes to branding and marketing is vital. This is why we keep the employee audience front and central in all the work we do helping the organisations we work with grow and flourish – and why we think employees deserve to be marketed to, […]

Making values work

Identifying and agreeing your brand values is always a challenge. But, at D&D, we think that, just as important as identifying values, is to ensure you embed them fully so that they enter bloodstream of the organization, uniting people, and instinctively becoming “the way we do things around here” for everyone.  So, what’s needed? Fundamentally, values […]

Listening to your stakeholders

Listening (really listening!) to your stakeholders, external and internal, is one of the most important cornerstones of any marketing or communications plan. When it comes to external stakeholders, it isn’t just knowing who they are, it’s getting to know their view of the world, and most importantly how they view you and your colleagues and […]